Ejector Pin Lubricant - General Purpose - Food Grade

Fully synthetic food grade grease manufactured using the most advanced lubrication technology, and  is designed to cover a wide range of Food Industry Applications: Including low/high temperatures, wet and saturated conditions, heavily loaded applications, and where there is the presence of dust & other contaminants.                          


MEP500FG is formulated with Extreme Pressure (EP) additives and PTFE to provide a high degree of anti-wear and friction reduction performance. Suitable for injection moulds in particular for use on ejector pins, guide pins, slides  and moving cores, etc. This grease is suitable for all plain and anti-friction bearings as well as sliding surfaces and general Food & Non-Food Industry applications.                   


• Temp range -50c to + 180c 

• High Load Grease 400kg weld load   

• NSF H1 approved          

• Water & Chemical Resistant                           

• Extends Lubrication Frequencies                  

• Standardisation “One Grease for Most Applications”